"Breakthrough houses has been a great place to be living. We have grown spiritually, mentally, financially and emotionally strong. We have benefited greatly. Here we found good friends and family who love and support us in every kind of way. We are so blessed and forever grateful".

Martin, Agnes, Will, Simeon ( The B family).

"I am very glad we don't have to move around all the time" - FW aged 7

"At Breakthrough House we have found a place of safety and acceptance. Our children have blossomed and grown. They love having stability and people who genuinely care about them" - The G family

I am so thankful and grateful for Breakthrough Houses. They were able to house me and my family. Due to circumstances I was housed immediately which took so much pressure and stress off me. I cannot thank them enough for going above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed! It was a smooth transition. I love coming home to surprises of food at my door step by another Breakthrough House resident. It feels good to know they are thinking of you - A.C. and family

Living at Breakthrough Houses has inspired us to dream bigger dreams and not to accept self limiting beliefs. We have achieved things that we previously would never even have attempted. We are better people for having been in the Breakthrough Houses program. It has not always been easy or comfortable but change is never easy. We intend to honour the program by being generous people and making sure our influence on the world is a positive one and not a negative one. - T Family