Frequently asked questions

What needs do Breakthrough Houses meet?

The tragic statistics of families in crisis

In 2009:

  • 150 children from NSW families known to DOCS, died.
  • 55% of these children lived in homes affected by domestic violence.
  • 79,000 Australian children were homeless.
  • 200,000 women in Australia went to shelters to escape domestic violence.

There are many reasons why children are at risk of abuse and neglect. For example:

  • their families do not have adequate support from relatives or the community
  • their parents are experiencing a lot of stress such as unemployment, illness, isolation or loneliness
  • their parents may not have experienced good parenting themselves
  • their parents may have dependency problems or have mental health issues or there may be domestic violence in the household.

Your questions answered

Are you a registered charity?

Breakthrough Houses is a fully registered charity. We comply with ACNC regulations and guidelines.

How are you funded?

Breakthrough Houses operates without any Government funding. We are reliant on the generosity of our supporters and can offer tax deductible receipts for donations of greater than $2.00.

Does the program involve more than just affordable accommodation?

Breakthrough Houses is not for the half hearted. Residents must be fully committed to the program. It is a strict program. It is not a soft option. People who enter the program must commit to attending all classes, must be either working, studying or looking for work.

Residents are taught by various professionals who provide pro-bono services.

We assess and monitor the specific needs of each family and address these needs specifically. A "one size fits all approach" could be a waste of resources or even counterproductive.

What classes are provided for residents?

We provide teaching in financial management, relationship skills, parenting and personal development. We have an employment professional who teaches on resume preparation and interview skills. We have a GP who provides medical and psychological support. And we acknowledge that people are multifaceted so we also include a spiritual part of the program and we have found that being a part of a church community is an invaluable aid in helping residents achieve their goals.

Do you have success with every family?

Do we have success with every family? No, unfortunately. However, our success stories far outweigh those who don't reach their desired goals.

Can we visit Breakthrough Houses?

We welcome visitors but we are also conscious of the need to protect the privacy of our residents. We welcome guests to attend the classes that are provided for residents and we always welcome assistance with maintenance or gardening.

What is the ultimate aim of Breakthrough Houses?

Breakthrough Houses aims to reset the path by providing families at risk with guidance, support, education and real assistance ... and our number one priority is on keeping the family unit together.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us for further information.